The fire of Ice

Mis à jour : avr. 10

As unprepared, as reluctant as Arjuna,

we have entered the battlefield.

In fact, despite the many attempts to escape,

we never left.

With no other weapon than our desire to live and well

we entered the dharma ksetre

- and so purification started.

Through Practice we choose to work toward our own liberation,

Through Tapas, we melt our limitations, detaching ourselves from what binds,

rising above our conditioning and the many voices that distract us from the only valuable One.

And so every morning, as snow falls and numbs the face of the Earth, we revive Agni.

One Bandha at the time, we push ourselves to the end of Patience,

the edge of Comfort,

beyond the horizon,

until Fear of Death is touched and consoled.

But I doubted my resources,

I stayed too safe while taking risks.

By forgetting the many forms of Fire,

I restricted my means to Freedom.

She, never doubted me. She never doubted us :

Her Faith always erases my borders. 

Ice water has revealed a whole new layer of sensations,

a new quality of Presence,

a new conception of Strength.

Bathing in Shiva’s tears -Rudraksa- has been an empowering practice,

Day by day it awakens a transformative Force that is beyond cold or heat,

a Force that takes you straight to the raw sensation,

away from the experience of it :

- You cannot be watching yourself diving into frozen water,

the only way is to merge with it.

All that remains is one warm and pulsating Breath.

The icy cold not only permeates your skin, it dissolves it.

Infused with Rudra, the frozen jewels devour Time ; it is no longer a matter of Death or Life : something else is keeping you here

- you have no other choice but to live. To remain in the battlefield.

Amidst chaos, amidst struggles, amidst burning ice,

the Ego revealed must surrender

Defeated, It must accept its own mortality,

its weaknesses & limitations.

On its knees, hands open to the Heavens,

the Ego yields to Sri,

And, screaming to the Soul it begs :

“Now please show me,

show me everything”

At last,

the Gita rises.

📷: @mkhpr

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