đŸ”± Ardhanarishvara

March, 11th

Ending my day yesterday with Parvati’s words of wisdom I felt held through the night by Shiva’s warm embrace.

Now, I don’t know if ‘ I’m losing it’ or if ‘I’m finally getting it’ but something has shifted - and that’s irreversible.

Today, we are honouring Adi Yogi, the Great Creator of Yoga, the Science that is changing me day by day, pushing me into the depth of my shadows so that I can remember the Light I am made of.

Shiva is said to be the Lord of all, even of those who do not have a Lord. You don’t have to bow to him, you can deny its existence, Shiva’s all-permeating breath will hold you through Life, loving every part of you until you love every part of yourself. He is Pure Consciousness.

This is a celebration of the Sacred Marriage of Shiva & Shakti ;

đŸ”„Shiva, ‘that-which-is-not’ , the vast ocean of stillness and infinite possibilities

🐍 Shakti, the wild, the free, moved by a desire to Be and experience Herself as Us, as the World.

We, are the Children of this most graceful & loving dance.

The planets too are dancing tonight and all seems to be once more serving our very purpose of growing in Loving Consciousness. As we feel an upsurge of energy it is recommended to remain awake throughout the night, our spine like a pillar of strength, clearing the path for Her to flow through us.

Yogis, let’s establish ourselves in our seat, our bodies like Shiva, steady and soft, eyes half-closed - just enough to remember the Light, every birth and every death that allowed us to be here today.

Together let’s rise, let’s dance,

let’s chant the Glory of Life & the honour to be breathing as One.

May your breath be joyful & generous,

may it nurtures your ground like the dear Ganga Ma, may it expands to the Infinite.

How beautiful it is to be Human with you.

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